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Project |01


Arranged for Life

It is about the journey of a young Punjabi Landlord trying to find contentment in his involuntary marriage. Traditional family structure and increasing  economical and political pressure drive him on the brink of an emotional breakdown.  After Musharraf's declaration of  "state of emergency" and Benazir Bhutto's assassination he joins a secret group and fights for justice.

Project |02


From Oak to Banyan and Bamboo

A young woman leaves London to explore the mystic and fascinating world of 17th century India. Torn between Love, English customs and her own free spirit, she makes a choice which will transform everything she ever knew.

Project |03


Singapore Swing


Book #1 of the Singapore based erotica Series "The Investors"


The world of expat-wife Brittany is about to turn upside down when she meets charismatic Cheng. Sixteen years of marital happiness are threatened by an illegitimate kiss.


The betrayal drive Brittany and Aston almost apart until Cheng’s wife brings forward a brazen proposal.


Could Singapore's swingers lifestyle be the solution for everything?

Just a sample of my work. To see more or discuss possible work >>

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